Magnum Photography Awards 2016, Photography Awards, Submission Review

LensCulture Submission Review 2016

In May 2016, I decided to enter the Magnum Photography Awards 2016. This gave me the opportunity to ask for a LensCulture Submission Review and get pr...
Baptism, Baptême Laïque, Crozier, July Christening, Lafond, Messimy

July Christening – True Family Values

July Christening: smiley happy people. First of all, the most important thing I can say is this was a truly wonderful July Christening! This was a non...
Lola Hermant

Lola – Location Photobook

Location Photobook: promoting yourself wherever. Lola wanted to create a photobook for her own purposes. However, she wanted something different. Not...

Portrait Sessions

Portrait Sessions: making you feel special. We all have our own character, our own feelings and moods. Portrait sessions are a great way of exploring...

Scotland – The Highlands and Islands

Scotland: it is a wondrous place for photography. I've been going to Scotland all my life. Even before I could walk. The Isle of Skye being the focus...
Joffrey Exposito, Léa Cerdan, Wedding Photographs

Léa & Joffrey’s Wedding

Wedding Heat The beginning of July, Léa and Joffrey spent, to use their own words “the best day of their lives” and I had the chance to be their photo...
Joffrey Exposito, Léa Cerdan, Wedding Photographs, Wedding Rings

Weddings in Pictures

"Pictures speak a thousand words"... Your weddings will too... One of life's most important events: weddings. So, you need a photographer you can rely...
Greece, Magnum Photography Awards 2016, Photography Awards, The First Dawn

Greece – A journey in photographs

Greece: Mythological My first association with Greece was through a trip to Crete in either 1998 or 1999. An unexpected holiday which took me back in...

Homepage – Alistair James Bell

Alistair James Bell Photography - Homepage This is Alistair James Bell Photography's Homepage. Just a small selection of my work for you to look at. A...
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