Salons and Exhibitions

Salons and Exhibitions


Salons and Exhibitions summarises venues where I have had the opportunity to share my work with a larger public audience. Above all, presenting my work is an essential part of what being a photographer is for me. Particularly as a photograph without public is like a book without a reader or a show without an audience.

Salons and Exhibitions also gives you links to interesting venues whether it be just to visit or to eat. Something for all.

Photography Salons

2015/09/26-27 – 7th Photography Salon of Mornant with Guest of Honour Xavier Viacava. You can see information above the previous salons at Salon de la Photographie de Mornant 2015.

Individual Exhibitions

2015/11/21-29 “Lignes et Lumière” [Lines and Light]. – La Maison de Pays de Mornant, Place Jacques Truphémus, 69440 Mornant, France.

2014/10/14-05/15 “Le Monde des Merveilles – Part 2” [The World of Wonders]. – Le P’tit Vert (restaurant), 44 Rue Ferrandière, 69002 Lyon, France.

2014/05/27-10/14 “Le Monde des Merveilles – Part 1” [The World of Wonders]. – Le P’tit Vert (restaurant), 44 Rue Ferrandière, 69002 Lyon, France.

2014/06/05-07/31 “Le Monde des Merveilles: Les Cinq Sens” [The World of Wonders: The 5 Senses]. – Aux 3 Gaules, 10 Rue Burdeau, 69001 Lyon, France.

2014/04/14-05/09 “Le Monde des Merveilles” [The World of Wonders]. – MJC Saint Priest, 23 Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 69800 Saint-Priest, France.


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