July Christening – True Family Values

July Christening: smiley happy people.

First of all, the most important thing I can say is this was a truly wonderful July Christening!

This was a non-religious Christening with family values  at the heart of it. Also, a double Christening in fact bringing together 2 families and 4 children.

Godparents who clearly adored their godchildren, taking on the role of guides. Emotions of happiness rolling off everyone present making it impossible to feel the joy of the day.

Hence all were bubbling with life, the whole family sharing their hearts, souls and smiles with all those present (and at distance thanks to internet communications); going to show that even at a distance, in todays day and age it is possible to share in those special moments.

To conclude, this album contains a few special moments of the day.  My thanks to the family for being kind enough to allow me to share them with you.

It was wonderful to be part of such a happy ceremony!

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