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Well, what About Me?

I was born in Leicester (England) in 1974, I have been living and working in Lyon since early 2012. Traveller by nature, I’ve lived in several different European countries giving me the opportunity to learn several languages and the skills to communicate with people from all walks of life and cultures. Essential skills to build up a rapport and put you at ease both with myself and being in front of the camera.

A passionate professional photographer, for over 30 years, I’m proud to be one of the last generations that was able to learn how to work light, as a real tool, with my little film camera (Rollei 35-TE). My camera always close by, like a best friend with whom I could share special moments and important memories. A passion inspired by my grandfathers love of this art. Capturing warmth, mystery and ambience is what I love to portray most with my photographs.

So why the importance of photography for me? Well, memories are fleeting moments that remain in a persons mind, destined to be forgotten in the mists of time, and seldom recall those magic moments to perfection. Photographs, in their truest form, reflect a unique moment in time and space that can help bring a memory back to life and re-live some of the split second experiences that make us what we are today as well as see things we may have missed.

About Me is just a step towards knowing more about me and my work. Look through the galleries on this website, read my blog and above all use the Contact Me form if you feel like getting in touch or would like to more information on my products or services.


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