• Eau Gris
    Hard and soft, wet and dry, black and white... Contrasts in shades of grey. © Alistair James Bell - All rights reserved.
  • Light Blonde
    A bright sunny day with a glorious amount of sun, shining, to add highlights in the hair and an intense look in Lola's eyes. © Alistair James Bell - All rights reserved.
  • The First Dawn
    Landscapes: This new dawn reminds me of the rise of a phoenix... Poetic reflection of a mythological creature in a country steeped in myths.
    Lake Plastira, Karditsa, Greece.
    © Alistair James Bell - All rights reserved.
  • Warrior Princess
    Portraits: themed photoshoots on location.
    Côte-Lorette Fort, Saint Genis Laval, Rhône Alpes, France.
    © Alistair James Bell - All rights reserved.
  • The Only Way Is Up
    La Passerelle du Palais du Justice is a wonderful semi-suspended bridge that gives rise to some wonderful perspective with the Fourvière cathedral on the horizon. © Alistair James Bell - All rights reserved.

LensCulture Submission Review 2016

In May 2016, I decided to enter the Magnum Photography Awards 2016. This gave me the opportunity to ask for a LensCulture Submission Review and get professional, critical feedback on my photography.

First of all, it was an interesting experience for me as it meant exposing myself to a very critical opinion of professionals on the judging panel. Not to mention having my work evaluated against that of some extremely talented worldwide photographers.

Finally, after a few months anticipation, I received, in my consideration, some excellent and encouraging feedback.

An extract of the submission review can be found below:

“…I really enjoyed having the opportunity to review your images. This work immediately caught my eye.

This work shows great potential. You have clear command over light, as well as an understanding of composition. All of your images are well edited in post-processing as well. I believe your strongest single image The Only Way Is Up. I enjoy your use of leading lines. This is also one of the most unique images in the group overall.”

The full review, along with some very interesting recommended reading for photography enthusiasts, can be found on my website using this link: Magnum Photography Awards 2016 – LensCulture Submission Review.

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